Reflective photo-electric switch RP 25

The RP 25 reflective photo-electric switch has been specially developed for door installations and offers the optimum solution for this application.


  • can safely detect any reflective object
  • range 0.5...15m, depending on the type of reflector
  • insensitive against ambient light
  • high degree of protection IP65
  • optional cable entry
  • large terminal compartment
  • adjustable optical polarizing filter
  • test input
  • protected against power supply polarity reversal
  • RP 25 operating voltage 10...40VDC or 24VAC ±25%
  • relay output
  • easy adjustment of the optical sensor
  • alignment- and contamination indicator


Polarisation filter:
Detects even "shiny" objects between the photo-electric switch and the reflector.

Large maximum range:
Provides capacity to allow for dirt, rain, snow and fog.

Optional cable entry:
Two break-out ports are provided in the casing. Cable entry can be from below or from the rear.

Immune to external light sources:
The photo-electric switch is unaffected by external light sources or sunlight.

High degree of protection:
The hermetically sealed casing is suitable for exterior use.

Relay output:
Potential-free changeover contact

Protected against polarity reversal:
The photo-electric switch is protected against power supply polarity reversal

Terminal compartment:
The RP20 has a large terminal compartment. The screw terminals can also be pulled out for easy connection.

Adjustment screws:
Even when the casing is fixed in position, the photo-electric switch can be adjusted using three adjustment screws on the circuit board.

Soiling indication:
If the photo-electric switch gradually becomes soiled, the red LED starts to flash before the photo-electric switch becomes ineffective.

Alignment indication:
The alignment LED flashes red when the photo-electric switch is not optimally aligned to the reflector. Alignment OK = LED lights up green


Ordering details

Order number
RP 25 (set)

with reflector RD82SW4, cable gland M12 and pass-through grommet
Order number
RP 25 (set)

with reflector RD82SW4, mounting brackets for the RP 25 HW-LS, mounting brackets for the reflector HW-RD82, insulation for the reflector ISO-RD82, including a cable gland M12 and fastening material for the mounting brackets
Order number

Please also see our accessory inventory to find suitable components for the reflective photo switch.


Application: RP 20/RP 25 reflective photo-electric switch

For further technical details please refer to the following datasheet:

PDFRP25 Reflexionslichtschranke / photo reflective switch

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