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pull-in protections



Light barriers for safety units on roll-up gate systems must comply with EN 12978. Gate systems e.g. roll-up gates this eliminates the possibility of a hazardous retraction during operation and on gates under 2,50m and an object getting caught in the mechanism. The safety mechanism is tested with a rod of max 50mm.

Application FOCUS-Serie

The FOCUS-series consists of miniature sensors that are connected to the safety processing unit FOCUS-CONTROL. This system can be used as a pull-in protection, optoelectronic safety edge or a non contact safety edge. Up to two pairs of sensors can be connected to one safety processing unit. Thanks to a special evaluation process, none of the sensors can influence the others. Complicated wiring is minimized thanks to the modular plug-in system. Appropriate tools are needed to crimp the plugs correctly.



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