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Witt Sensoric GmbH


Witt Sensoric GmbH - Specialist for Safety Sensors on Door and Gate Systems

Our expertise

Since the launch of Witt Sensoric GmbH Berlin in 1993, we have specialized in the development and production of safety sensors and accessories for the gate industry.

Thanks to our efficiency in optoelectronic development, mechanical construction and manufacturing we are able to serve small as well as large volume orders. Vitually all large european gate manufacturers are now being supplied directly thru us with components.

Our long time experience is reflected in our extensive and standard-compliant productportfolio of safety sensors and accessories.

Our numerous trade marks in the form of patents and registered designs attest to our engagement and establishment of new technical standards.

"Our achievements in the past in the gate industry back our confidence looking to future prospects."

with kind regards from Berlin

Jörg Brech
General Manager

Made in Germany

Witt Sensoric GmbH is closely linked to our capital city. We develop, construct and manufacture our products in Berlin. Indeed, all of our important subcontractors have their manufacturing sites in the vicinity of our company headquarters. This gives us direct access to all relevant fabrication steps.

"Made in Germany", guarantees high quality to you, for us it´s a company philosophy.

Electronic- and software development

- our own EMC-lab and climate exposure test cabinet

Test device development

- for the QA of our products

3D constructions

- for the mechanical assemblies and injection molds

One of our five state-of-the-art assembly lines

- with integrated optical camera inspection and testing

Quality Assurance

- QA-visual inspection of the circuit boards

Cable assembly

- and plug production

Sensor assembly

- with QA-function-test

Automated filling

- of 2C-resin at the moulding station

Product identification

- with modern laser inscription


Our focus on the door and gate industry is reflected thru our membership in both major gate organizations. Thru these memberships we are actively involved with industry relevant developments, such as standardization, information about legal regulations and with recommendations by the organizations.

BVT Verband Tore           BAST Verband Sicherheitstechnik

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