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AOS 6000, 4-channel safety proccessing unit

  • safety category 3
  • two safety circuits
  • four OSE-inputs
  • positively driven safety-relays
  • signal contact with pulse function
  • power-/function-display-LEDs

The AOS 6000 was developed as a universally applicable safety processing unit for our SIGNAL and LOW-POWER-SIGNAL series as well as other common optoelectronic safety edges. The AOS 6000 can also be used as a safety processing unit with our pull-in protection series TWIN-PRO.

The AOS 6230 offers 2 active safety circuits and the possibility to monitor 4 optoelectronic safety edges in accordance with EN13849-1 Category 3 (DE). A typical application including the AOS 6230 would be the usage of 3 pull in protections "TWIN-PRO" on one safety circuit and the "SIGNAL" safety edge on on the second circuit.

The AOS 6000 can easily be integrated into the existing control unit as an additional safety function.

Operating voltage:
230 VAC

ordering details
model operating voltage order number
AOS 6230 230VAC 315427


For further technical details please refer to the following datasheet:

PDF AOS6230_sicherheitsauswerter_safety_processing_unit.pdf