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TWIN-SAFE pull-in protection

  • potential-free relay-output
  • test-input
  • simple alignment with the pivoted joint
  • front-facing LED-alignment/-display
  • insensitive against ambient light
  • high degree of protection IP67, filled with epoxy resin

The TWIN-SAFE has a unique design as a pull-in protection, with its overhead optical unit, capability of alignment in all directions and with only a central mounting fi xture. The TWIN-SAFE has a potential-free changeover contact with a test-input and can be connected directly to any current controls that have a test-input.


ordering details
model   order number
TWIN-SAFE transmitter 318008
TWIN-SAFE receiver 318009
Included in the scope of supply:
V2A mounting brackets
TWIN-SAFE transmitter and receiver each with a 13m fixed cable ,
two V2A mounting brackets


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For further technical details please refer to the following datasheet:

PDF TWIN-SAFE_einzugsicherung_pull-in_protection.pdf