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OSE-, PNP- and NPN output available for safety light curtains



The LIGI passed the EC type test at the TÜV Nord according to the normative requirements without restrictions.


With the included alignment clamp LIGI-JK 10 and the alignment mode with blink code easy and quick alignment is assured. The alignment clamp can be turned either side by 10°. Thus correct alignment is always possible.


For doors where the LIGI cannot be fully installed, such as in underground parking garages (monitoring also in the header area), Witt Sensoric GmbH offers a variant with separated electronics. Even if the height is less than 2500 mm, this enables the full height of the door to be monitored without any gaps in the protection field.


The intelligent safety light curtain LIGI can be mounted as a optoelectronic safety edge directly onto the gate curtain. When the gate closes, each of the single light-beams are covered in sequence and when opening each in turn is again uncovered. This is registered as a normal movement of the gate and will therefore not trigger an interruption. The entire cover-area is monitored up to a height of 2500mm.

The LIGI makes installation of a optoelectronic safety edge on the door curtain and possibly even of a junction box and spiral cable unnecessary.

A particular advantage is the contact-free detection of obstructions, without a build-up of closing-forces. The LIGI is therefore particularly suitable for older gate systems that exceed the permitted max force-limit.

With its minimal measurements of only 16 x 16mm, the LIGI is simple to install and its filled with epoxy resin aluminum casing is environmentally stable.


safety light curtain LIGI-OSE

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