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Loop detectors LOOP 2C


Loop detector LOOP 2C, 2-channel processing unit

The LOOP 2C is a switching amplifi er for 2 induction loops. Its modern electronics with a powerful processor ensure the safe operation of loop geometries in an area of inductivity of 40-1000uH. The many possible settings allow universal adaptation to the operating conditions. The 11-pin plug base is pin-compatible with most current products.

  • pluggable 2-channel processing unit
  • several operating-modes selectable
  • optional special functions
  • diagnostic function
  • display of loop frequency
  • fast reaction time
ordering details
model   order number
LOOP 2C/24 2-channel processing unit UB 24V AC/DC, relay-output 315724
LOOP 2C/230 2-channel processing unit UB 230V AC, relay-output 315725
Included in the scope of supply: 11-pin plug base


For further technical details please refer to the following datasheet:

PDF LOOP_schleifendetektoren_loop_detectors.pdf