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LITAS 10 headlight flash controller

LITAS 10 headlight flash controller

The LITAS system allows switching operations to be triggered by a "headlight flash". This means it is ideally suited for opening doors for vehicles to pass through, for instance in car workshops, bus depots and train depots etc.

  • door opening by 2...5 headlight flashes
  • display by seven-segment LED module (digital display)
  • light sensitivity adjustable
  • ignores other light sources
  • up to 6 reception sensors can be connected

Door opening by headlight flashes:
The LITAS processing unit converts light pulses into electrical signals. When the unit has received the set number of flashes, the door opens.
Intelligent microprocessor controller:
The controller (processing unit) processes the headlight flashes. It discriminates on the basis of the number of headlight flashes, and when this matches the programmed setting it outputs an opening signal. A pulse display is available for checking the unit.
Setting the number of pulses:
DIP switches allow the number of headlight flashes for opening the door to be set from 2...5. Furthermore the sensitivity can be set (short range 2.5m, long range 6m).
Light sensitivity adjustable:
A DIP switch allows selection of the short range or long range for light reception.
Display using the seven-segment display:
The selected number of pulses is displayed. The display is counted down with each light pulse, and when zero is reached the output relay triggers. If no pulse has been received for 1.5s, the counter resets to the initial setting.
Ignores other light sources:
The intelligent LITAS processing unit is capable of distinguishing light pulses from other sources.
Dual power supply:
The LITAS 1 processing unit can be powered from a 10...40VDC or 230VAC power supply.
Relay output:
A potential-free changeover contact is provided as an output function.
External push-buttons:
Connection of external push-buttons allows an opening signal for the door to be triggered even when no vehicle is present.
Up to 6 sensors can be processed:
Several sensors, max. 6, can be connected in parallel.
Easy installation of sensors:
The neatly shaped flush-mounted sensors are encapsulated in a "snap-in" casing, which is simply pushed into the drilled hole.
Complete installation kit:
All necessary components are supplied.

Not suitable for LED head light.

ordering details
model   order number
LITAS 10 processing unit LITAS 10, 2 receiver sensors with 6,5m fixed cable,
cable junction box LAD 1, spiral cable 3x0.5mm² (BL 750mm), 1 cable gland M16 with anti-kink protection and 1 cable gland M16
LITEM 1 single sensor with 6,5m fixed cable 315778


For further technical details please refer to the following datasheet:

PDF LITAS_lichthupensteuerung_headlight_flash_controller.pdf